In honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 13-19th, 2018), The Association of Clinical Trial Service (TACTS) presents:

The 8th Annual Women’s Health Careers Networking Social

This event will highlight various women of color who will receive the Henriette Lacks “Righteous Contributor” Award for improving health care within their communities. Honorees exemplify the concepts of health equity through the lens of their successful careers in health care.

By focusing on health careers, TACTS is promoting better holistic health for women of all ages.

All are welcome to network!

Friday, May 11, 2018

6:30 pm-8:30 PM


Loft Community Room

58 East 26th Street

Chicago, Ill 60616
(Parking at 2600 S. Michigan Chicago, Ill 60616)

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TACTS-The Association of Clinical Trial Service-501-c-3, is a community- based non-profit organization designed to provide prevention-intervention education and awareness for people impacted/infected by health aliments as it relates to evidence based/clinical trials and community research. We are a Black, Woman, Veteran organization, interested in collaborating with other organizations on issues surrounding health equity and social justice




(TACTS) promotes science, research and biomedical/health literacy by relaying the latest findings from medical/clinical, academia, private, industry and community leaders on various concerns related to public health.  More specifically we are addressing barriers for receiving quality and access to health care among marginalized sub-populations though our health equity and social justice initiatives.

TACTS is dedicated to the educational awareness and social marketing for clinical trials research, specializing in Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR). We support the increasing participation of people of color (Blacks and Latinos) within clinical and community-based research. TACTS can offer expertise about understanding treatments as well as, how to get involved in clinical research as either an advocate or participant.


Due to a lack of specific localized health data and sub-par surveillance reporting practices there is a need for a public health specialist, such as an epidemiologist to provide better data reporting through the means of evidence-based research. We are pushing for the assistance to improve the health and wellbeing of Illinois Veterans, women, and people of color.

  • Create and conduct epidemiological profile studies using mix-methods and (Community Based Participatory Research) CBPR approaches with a focus on Infectious Diseases (STI/HIV/Hep C).
  • Conduct focus groups to seek out various perspective and possible solutions as it pertains to quality improvement of health and wellness.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate data gathered in public reports.
  • Assist to implement new and improved care based on evidence presented.
  • Advocate for health equity and social justice policies and program advances for access to care including mental and substance abuse treatment, as well as, behavioral interventions, with emphasis on Black veterans and their familes..
  • Provide training to become Community Health Workers (CHW) which will include science, biomedical and health literacy, patient navigation, community health data, CBPR fundamentals, peer-lead group level interventions as well as, basic understanding of evaluation measures and tools. Trained CHWs will also learn how to serve on various community advisory boards within the VA health care system.


TACTS was created by Community Epidemiologist, Sista Yaa Simpson. After working with the Chicago Department of Public Health for over 18 years, Sista Yaa started the non-for-profit organization in 2007 in an effort to bring a HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) to the Chicago area. And she continues to focus on how to measure improved health outcomes through concepts of health equity and social justice. 

As the organization’s Community Epidemiologist and Bioethicist, she brings the science to the people like a griot who brings news to the village.  TACTS motto ‘Bringing Science to the People’.

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Our doors and hearts are always open to dedicated new members and volunteers. Contact us to learn more about our memberships, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

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